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Specialists in the point of sale.

Oriented to

Companies with physical points of sale and e-commerce (offline and online), to design and optimize their business models.

Retail Marketing

Companies that want to improve the presence of their products and brands in non-owned outlets.

Trade Marketing

Our story begins in '92

We began our journey as specialists in physical points of sale. With the advancement of technology, we have been integrating the digital world with the aim of generating omnichannel strategies and experiences.

Tu consultoría especializada en la estrategia y gestión del punto de venta.

The method

  • Discover

    We identify buyer insights and what makes the brand different and relevant through different research techniques

  • Plan

    We define the strategy and prepare an action plan, incorporating the knowledge and experience of the company in the process.

  • Transform

    We accompany our clients and help them throughout the change process.

Turninggoalsinto solutions


insights and interpret market

Qualitative market research (focused on the shopper) through the use of inductive and projective techniques

Quantitative market research

Qualitative market research (focused on the shopper) through the use of inductive and projective techniques

Quantitative market research

Studies of flows, circulations and shopping behavior in the points of sale

Mystery Shopper and pseudo-shopping



Segmentation strategies

Positioning and identity proposals

Channel strategies

Design and re-design of formulas and commercial formats

Growth and expansion



Omni channel customer experience design integrating off and online.

Space optimization plans, assortment and exhibition.

Experiential and emotional merchandising actions.

Layout design.

Category management proposals.

Team training and sensitization seminars.

Loyalty seminars on client.

Retail coaching.

Design and implementation of service / attention / sales protocols.

Elaboration and monitoring of scorecard and KPI in Retail

Rosalía Larrey Martirena

Specialist in shopper marketing and trade
Founding partner and consultant.
Lic. Biology from the Univ. Navarra and MBA from ESADE.
Academic partner of the marketing department of ESADE.

She believes that creativity must always go hand in hand with profitability, therefore she deepens in the analysis and the use of indicators to objectify decision making.

Gemma Martín Gómez

Specialist in experiential marketing and retailing
Founding partner and consultant.
Lic. Law by the Univ. Barcelona and MBA by ESADE.

She is passionate about the exploration and application of insights in the client experience as a way of innovation and creativity. Firm defender of teamwork to transform organizational cultures.

Unique stories

We are intensely involved in each project. With 25 years of experience, and more than two hundred projects in the Retail world, we live each company and challenge as unique.

Now you know our history, we want to know yours.

Call us (+34) 93 532 73 11 or write us through our contact form and we will be delighted to talk with you to give you the solutions you need.

You can also find us in Calabria 162, 4-2 08015 Barcelona

Method, rigor, strength, passion and illusion

When we start?

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